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organic products sold in bulk

The best waste is no waste.

Products and availability may vary. Do not hesitate to contact us before you move.

Organic garlic dust

Organic dill

Organic anise

Organic basil

Organic camomile flower

Organic cinnamon powder

Organic cinnamon stick

Organic cardamom

Organic cayenne powder

Organic Celery seeds

Organic Mary thistle seeds

Organic Chili

Organic five spices

Organic lemon bark

Organic clove

Organic clove powder

Organic coriander seeds

Organic cumin powder

Organic cumin

Organic turmeric

Organic curry

Organic Echinacéa angoustifolia

Organic briar bay

Organic fennel dust

Organic fennel

Organic raspberry bush leaf

Organic garam masala spice

Organic juniper bay

Organic ginger powder

Organic Ginseng

Organic Provence herbs

Organic hibiscus flowers

Organic Bay Leaf

Organic Lavender flower

Organic marjoram

Organic lemon balm

Organic soft mint

Organic peppermint

Organic St John’s wort

Organic brown mustard

Organic yellow mustard

Organic nutmeg

Organic nutmeg powder

Organic oregano flower

Organic oignon flakes

Organic nettle

Organic sorrel

Organic poppy seeds

Organic paprika

Organic parsley leaves

Organique Jamaican chili pepper

Organic black pepper

Organic ground black pepper

Organic licorice stick

Organic rosemary (leaf)

Organic savoury

Organic sage (leaf)

Organic elderberry

Organic elderberry flower

Organic thyme (leaf)

Organic lime

Organic dark chocolate almonds

Cocoa Dusted chocolate almonds

Cocoa butter

Organic Chocolate cashews

Dark chocolate cranberries

Dark Chocolate 70%

Cocoa nibs

Organic cocoa dust

Brown sugar

Baking soda

Soup mixture (chicken & vegetables)


Organic Whole wheat flour

Organic white flour

Organic black buckwheat flour

Organic rye flour

Organic spelt flour

Organic whole wheat pastry flour

Organic white pastry flour

Organic amaranth flour

Organic chick peas flour

Organic white quinoa flour

Organic kamut flour

Gluten flour 75%

Organic whole corn flour


Agar-agar gum

Instant skimmed milk

Nutritional yeast

Texturised vegetable protein

Baking powder

Sea salt (coarse & fine)

White sugar

Organic Raw Cane sugar

Organic Coconut palm sugar

Organic maple sugar (flakes & crystals)

Organic butter (salted & unsalted)

Organic eggs

Organic Kombucha

Organic maple syrup ( golden & amber)

Organic solid tofu

Organic rice miso

Cow, goat and chocolate milk in returnable bottle

35% cream in returnable bottle

Organic yogourt

Soya yogourt

Cashew cream cheese

Soya and chickpeas tempeh

Organic sausage

Organic (spread & jam) cranberry-orange, cranberry-blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant-raspberry, cranberry sauce

Cranberry-Orange marmelade

Lactofermented vegetables

Latina Soups and sauces in returnable jars

Org pineapple

Org bananas

Org blueberries

Org cranberries

Org Medjool dates

Org stone dates

Org figs

Org ginger

Org mangos

Org papayas

Org stone prunes

Org currant grape

Org sultan grape

Org green grape

Org sliced tomatoes

Gré des champs organic

D’iberville organic

Alfred organic

Chemin hatley organic

Comtomme organic

Raclette nature organic

Raclette poivre organic

Organic cheese curds

Organic soft cheddar

Organic 6 month old cheddar

St Félicien Reserve spéciale organic

Rassembleu Organic

Fromages Biobio no lactose

Feta cheese

Goat cheese, herbs

Chants des broussailles chèvre Organic

Org amaranth

Org farro corn

Org soft round corn

Org bulgur

Org muesli cereals

Org couscous

Org adzuki beans

Org raw soya beans

Org oatmeal

Org instant oatmeal

Org spelt flakes

Org kamut flakes

Org barley flakes

Org rye flakes

Org broccoli seeds

Org chia seeds

Org pumpkin seeds

Org golden linen seeds

Org brown linen seeds

Org alfalfa seeds

Org natural sesame seeds

Org black sesame seeds

Org shelled hemp seeds

Org raw sunflower seeds

Org crispy coconut granola

Org orange and cocoa granola

Org (navy) white beans

Org red beans

Org black beans

Org beluga black lentils

Org brown lentils

Org french green lentils

Org red lentils

Org green lentils

Org shelled millet

Org popcorn

Org pearled barley

Org chickpeas

Org yellow peas

Org green peas

Org white quinoa

Org red quinoa

Org mixed quinoa

Org blown quinoa

Org shelled buckwheat

Org oat bran

Org wheat bran

Org Olive oil

Org Canola oil

Org Sesame oil

Org Grape seed oil

Org Sunflower oil

Org coconut oil

Org apple cider vinegar

Org balsamic vinegar

Org tamari sauce

Org dijon mustard

Org old-style mustard

Org Tahini


Org green olives

Org whole wheat elbows

Org white wheat fusilli

Org whole wheat fettuccini

Org whole wheat fusilli

Org white wheat linguini

Org whole wheat spaghetti

Org vegetable fusilli

Org vege elbows

Org vege shells

Org spelt fusilli

Org vege spirals

Org spelt elbows

Org white wheat elbows

Org whole wheat penne

Org coconut flour

Org white wheat penne


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